5th Brazilian International Film Festival

The Third FBCI was held August 19-22, 2015


List of Winners with the TROPHY BRASILEIRINHO:

- Best Fiction: "Pechorin"

- Best Fiction Short: "The Boys of Rio"

- Best Documentary: "CINE PAISSANDU, stories of a generation"

- Best film "Our Planet": "The Law of Water"

- Best film "Best Age": "She comes back on the fifth"

- Best Film "Animated World": "The vast landscape"

- Best Director: Andre Novais Oliveira (She Goes Back on the Fifth)

- Best Producer: The Water Law

- Best Art Director: SERGEY AVSTRIEVSKIKH for "Pechorin"

- Best Director of Photography: The Boys of Rio

- Best Leading Actress: BIANCA WHITE for "I'm sorry, I love you"

- Best Lead Actor: Julio Andrade (Do not Stop on the Runway)

- Best Supporting Actress: Fabíula Nascimento (Do not Stop on the Runway)

- Best Supporting Actor: Jorge Leite for "Jennifer and Norival"

- Best Soundtrack: José Luis Salas for "The Sermon on the Mountain"

- Best Screenplay: The Great Vitoria

- Best Costume Design: Taissa Ennes Marques for "Hunter"

- Best Edition: Deo Teixeira and Pedro Anoreta from "The Great Victory"

- Best University Film: 300 MILLIONS of Daniel Cabral and Stephanie Oliveira


- Best Fiction Film: "The Great Victory" by Stéfano Capuzzi Lapietra

- Best Short Fiction: "In Passing" by Alan Miller

- Best Documentary: "Piove il Film di Pio" by Thiago B. Mendonça

- Best film "Our Planet": "Increasingly far" by Eveline Costa and Oswaldo Eduardo

- Best film "Best Age": "Wanted" by Jéssica Lopes
- Best Film "Animated World": "Luminaris" by Juan Pablo Zaramella

- Best Director: Hsu Chien Hsin for "Empty"
- Best Producer: Breno Szabruk and Stephanny Menezes "Rua do Encanto 22"

- Best Art Director: Sonia Nolla for "El otro lado"
- Best Cinematographer: Jôao Tristão for "Empty"

- Best Leading Actress: Jana Moraes for "Weekend with Cristine"
- Best Lead Actor: Caio Castro for "The Great Victory"

- Best Supporting Actress: Elisenda Feliubadaló for "Wut"
- Best Supporting Actor: Rodrigo Martínez Rico for "Cowboys"

- Best Soundtrack: Antonio Gervasoni for "La Amante del Libertador"
- Best Screenplay: Carlos Fernando Barros and Vitor de Oliveira for "Operation Orchid"

- Best Costume Design: Ana Avelar for "Do not Stop on the Runway, the Best Story of Paulo Coelho"
- Best Edition: Giovanna Giovanini for "Paissandu Cinema, History of a Generation"

- Honorable mention of the jury: "I saw" by Patrick Torres- Fábio Eitelberg- Pedro Biavi
- Honorable mention for "Tantalum" by Johannes Richard Voelkel

- Honorable Mention for "Bromance" by Thiago Sanderberg
- Honorable Mention of Best University Film: "ANONYMOUS" by Luciana Alvim and Pedro Gonzalez





federicobardiniFederico Bardini - Presidente do Júri
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