5th Brazilian International Film Festival


The 5th FESTIVAL BRASIL DE CINEMA INTERNACIONAL - FBCI - has as main objective the diffusion and award of audiovisual production world and the meeting of professionals and film lovers, making it possible the exchange between producers, distributors and exhibitors, in order to promote the film industry, to form an audience and to bring the filmmakers closer to the audience.


The 5th FESTIVAL BRASIL DE CINEMA INTERNACIONAL will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro from November 06 to 10, 2018.
It is at the discretion of the FBCI organization to hold shows in other cities.


You can apply:
a) Short and medium-length productions (up to 60 minutes)
b) Feature films (more than 60 minutes).

Entries must have been completed between 2014 and 2018, there being no limit of titles per director.
The registration fee is USD 12 for short and USD 15 for long.


Short films made in any place in the world of less than 60' in length.

Feature films made in any place in the world of more than 60' of duration.

Documentaries of any duration made  in any place in the world.

Films of any genre and duration, performed in any place in the world
related to the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

Animated films made in any place in the world of any duration.

Films made by students of Faculties of Cinema in any place in the world and any subject, until 30 minutes of duration.

Entries will be open in the period from November 15, 2017 to August 30, 2018 through the sites:

Click for Festivals: http://www.clickforfestivals.com

Festhome: http://www.festhome.com

Filmfreeway: https://filmfreeway.com


The FBCI Organization will appoint the Selection Committee, made up of people from various artistic and cultural sectors who are not related to the films. The Commission's decision shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal.
The result of the selection will be announced on September 30, 2018.


The direction of the FBCI will establish the order and date of exhibition of the selected works, both in Rio de Janeiro and in the Shows in other cities. The selected films will be displayed on digital media.
Those responsible for the FILMS SELECTED shall send a subtitled copy in Portuguese, within 30 days after the publication of the result of the Selection.


There will be a jury formed by personalities and professionals from the audiovisual sector who are not connected to the selected works.
The decision of the jury is sovereign and will not be subject to appeal. No movie can receive more than 03 awards.
The Jury will choose from the favorite movies of each category, among which the winner will leave.

The selected films compete for the "Brasileirinho" trophies in the following categories:
Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary.
Best film "Our Planet"
Best Animated Film
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Art Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Screenplay
Best Leading Actress
Best Leading Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Soundtrack

The participating public will choose by special ballot voting, the
Best "University Film".
A special jury of INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS will award Honorable Mentions for each category.
The results will be announced during the closing ceremony of the FBCI.
Producers and distributors of selected films may include in their advertising and press material the phrase "Official Selection of the Brazilian International Film Festival" using the FBCI logo.
Producers and distributors of the winning films will be able to highlight the prizes in all their advertising and press material using the FBCI Logo.
The FBCI logo will be available by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The inscription of films presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the following bases:

7.1 - The work enrolled and selected is automatically authorized to be displayed as an integral part of the FBCI program, either in the main event in Rio de Janeiro, or in all the shows that take place in other places.
7.2- The participants automatically authorize to the organization of the V FBCI the broadcast rights of Trailers or Extracts of the selected films (up to a maximum of 2 minutes in length) to publicize the event's schedule.
7.3 - The person in charge of the film declares, at the time of registration, that he / she is the holder of all the rights that may be applicable, thus guaranteeing its exhibition in case it is selected. It also declares that the materials used in the inscribed film, including the soundtrack and / or archival images, have been authorized by the authors and do not violate any right of use of the image or intellectual property of third parties, agreeing to assume exclusive legal responsibility for a possible claim, legal action or litigation, arising from the exhibition or use of the works.
7.4- Concurrent films may not have WATER MARK, otherwise they will be automatically disqualified.
7.5- The inscription can not be canceled nor the enrolled films be withdrawn from the FBCI under any circumstances.
7.6- Cases not covered by this Regulation will be settled by the organization of the FBCI.

Internacional Produções
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